Why we Love this New HubSpot Customization Feature

By Charles Elmer

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Customization is an important component in maximizing the potential of your CRM. That’s why we’re so excited about the latest CRM customization feature from HubSpot.

 TL;DR: In short, this new feature allows sidebar record customization so each role and team can easily view the information most relevant to them.


As background, each type of interaction with a prospect is stored on what’s called a record. With this latest update, HubSpot users can customize the entire left column of the record. Even better, there is the option to customize it globally (for all records) or only in certain situations, and different information can be shown to different teams.

For example, it’s likely that your sales reps focus on different information than your renewal managers or service reps – so each team can customize their view of records to focus on the information most relevant to their needs.

In the short demo below, watch how the user first creates a new segment group “Company Decision Making Tree.” Then, the user customizes the properties shown in the sidebar information. This way, the custom properties are applied only to that specific segment instead of all contacts.



Customization GIF



Ultimately, this new feature can be used to create maximum value for each user/team – requiring fewer clicks and empowering teams with easy access to the information most important to them.

By using customization to improve the user experience and make the system more convenient, organizations can overcome the number one barrier to CRM success: user adoption. 

Note: You’ll need HubSpot admin privileges for the initial setup.

Check out HubSpot’s user blog for details on how to get started!



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